"Have your fuel-injected bike
run the way it's supposed to"

Jim's House of the Iron Horse is a fuel-injection
diagnostic center that specializes in custom fuel mapping
to complement any modifications made to your bike. We
                                   use a "state of the art" Dynojet
                                   250i dynamometer.  For PC
                                   tuning, we use "Tuning Link"
                                   (computer automated correction
                                   software) to offer you precise
                                   corrected fuel metering to
                                   produce engine performance and
                                   economy.  With the PCUSB, or
the new PCV,  enabling Rev X-tend allows your engine to
rev to 6200 rpms using your "stock ecm".  No need for
that  stage 1 download from your dealer.
Jim's is now doing idle to redline custom tuning on your